Introducing Write/Sprint

Exclusively on iOS

A simple way to track your writing sprints and share them with the world.

Just $0.99

Spend More Time Writing

Choose how long you'd like your sprint to be, start the timer, then get to writing. Simple as that.

When your sprint is over, you'll get an alert on your phone with a prompt to record your word count.

Challenge Yourself

Have time for a 10-minute sprint? No problem! Ready for more? Go get it! With Write/Sprint, you set the time for your sprint, then all you need to worry about is writing.

Track Your Progress

When the timer is up, you'll never forget to record your word count. Write/Sprint will fire off an alert with a reminder to enter your word count automatically.

Share Your Progress

With just a click, you can share how many words you've written. Share it on social media, text, email, wherever! Let your friends and family know how much work you're putting in.